Part 2: What you want and how to achieve it!

“What if you aim low and you don’t achieve it, then what?” Ricky Gervais

In order to achieve a goal, it is important to look at what you want and why you want it. Outside one of the Aviva buildings in Norwich a stencil graffiti posed the question “Why do you do this every single day?”

If the answer to that is “to pay the bills” and that makes you happy then there is nothing wrong with that. But if there is something more you want to achieve then you need to look at what you can do.

write-it-downWrite it down
A lot of people say what they want to do. However, there is something about getting it down in writing that can get you thinking about it.

For example, let’s say you want to write a novel. Once you have written “I want to write a novel” you can then start thinking about what it will be about, who the characters are, how it will end.

You can then start writing goals for each aspect- some people have specific word targets but equally you could make it a chapter by the end of the day or to get a few pages done before lunchtime.

Stay positive
It is important to remember what you have achieved as much as what you are going to. Using the example of novel writing have a little celebration at the end- watch your favourite film, have a cup of tea or a nap (whatever works for you!)

Also, if you don’t hit a target don’t be tempted to give up- you can always adjust it so that if you stumble a bit you can carry on (remember the bigger picture).

Share updates
Whether it’s through social media, chatting on the phone to a friend or even your own personal diary/journal it helps to process what you’ve done and build on it.

Set targets but don’t be ruled by them

Having goals and targets is important and help you focus. But this should not mean you put excessive pressure on yourself- if you are a sales assistant in a store then you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not being a regional sales manager in a month!

Support others
While being positive for yourself is good remember to return the favour- go to your friend’s art exhibition, back the crowd funder that your favourite video producer is doing, help raise money for charity.

Be inspired
Remember there are many stories about people who have achieved against the odds- Harrison Ford was working as a carpenter when he was cast in Star Wars, Richard Branson started out selling records from the back of a van and any successful comedian you’ve ever seen had to do their fair share of gigs in the back of a pub!

What is important is to remember that what you want to achieve can be done- whether it is getting a job, a promotion, writing a novel, losing weight or anything you have it within yourself to do, a little bit each day to get that bit closer to achieving your ambition.

To find out more information on how we can help your career goals in 2017 contact me.


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