The Importance of Building a Powerful Personal Brand


Ask anyone in the C-suite league, and they’ll testify that personal branding is a fundamental part of getting to the top. Yes, most CEOs act on behalf of their companies, but it’s also critical to create a presence that’s independent of your bureau.

So why should personal branding be a top priority?

Exist beyond your brand

The C-suite can be all-consuming, and it’s all too easy for CEOs to become drowned by their organisations. This is why it’s critical to actively create a presence that exists beyond your corporate identity. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. As well as co-founding Facebook, he’s also drawn attention for his “grey shirt” wardrobe strategy and nonchalant attitude to corporate ostentatiousness. And Silicon Valley laps it up.

Merging ego and enterprise

Personal branding works best when egos and enterprise goals exist in harmony. For example, building a personal brand that complements the ‘personality’ of your company will simultaneously strengthen both ventures. Those who can find the balance serve as advocates for their organisations, with the power to advance both themselves, and their company.

Establish yourself as a thought leader

Rather than hide behind your company, building a personal brand will help to establish you as a transformative though leader. While you may place more responsibility on your own shoulders, it’ll ensure that when your company shines bright, you also land in the spotlight. Ultimately, this will put you on the hit lists of the UK’s top headhunting firms.

Create opportunities

When you allow yourself to be defined by your company, you close off opportunities for career advancement. You could simply be dismissed as a leader whose success is intrinsically linked to one company in particular. A brand of your own will help set you apart from your company, and present you as a bright mind in your own right.

There’s no denying that the mutual relationship between career success and personal branding is ever present. Executives with an understanding of the unique dynamic empower themselves with the scope to launch their personal career to new heights, as well as elevate the standing of the company they represent in the process.


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