Leadership Ideas from the Insurance Industries Elite Part 3

Top Tips on Leadership


6 photo collage titles etc 2 large for ActiveCWhat makes a successful leader and how do you continue to be successful when the  inevitable challenges come along?

Gary asked a number of Senior Executives from different sectors of the Insurance market for their top tips and advice.


5) Have you had a coach/mentor?
Andy Fairchild – Yes, Des Gould (as a coach) and Peter Hubbard (as a mentor) they both taught me about the emotions of leadership.
Andrew Bennett – Yes an actuary called Kevin Wenzel, a very clear thinker and definitely a worthwhile experience. Big companies do it well, small to mediums ones in my experience miss this opportunity altogether.
Greg Gladwell – Yes, 20 years ago an enlightened boss sourced Hilary Wilson for me who I still use today. Highly recommended.
Steve Groves – Yes, briefly but it was of real help.
Karen Beales –Yes – interestingly not someone who works in the insurance sector either – I would definitely recommend a mentor. BUT make sure you use their expertise and knowledge to guide you – talk to them!
Mike Srokowski – I have never had the benefit of a dedicated business coach, although I can see how a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes could help. I find my chairman, Paul Hewitt, is a good mentor.


6) What’s your definition of success?
Andy Fairchild – When I die people saying that I played a part in them being successful and Peterborough United in the Premiership (one year just one!).
Andrew Bennett – Succeeding in what you strife to achieve within the time frame you set yourself.
Greg Gladwell – Taking a business to its predefined endpoint within laid down timeframes in a way that keeps clients, staff and owners happy.
Steve Groves – Achieving 80%+ of what you think is possible in a way that excites and motivates your staff and does something good for your customers.
Karen Beales – Achieving my goals which I have set myself.
Mike Srokowski – In business it’s about achieving goals; establishing a truly unique market solution has been very satisfying. Personally, it’s about seeing my children develop confidently into adults with a sense of purpose.

 peter h,kevin wenzel,paul hewitt




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