Top Tips on Leadership – PART 2


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What makes a successful leader and how do you continue to be successful when the inevitable challenges come along? 
Gary asked a number of Senior Executives from different sectors of the Insurance market for their top tips and advice. 


3) How do you handle the daily challenges of running a business?

Andy Fairchild Get up early and use the first couple of hours every day to get stuff done and clear your mind.

Andrew BennettThrough solid fact based decision making and always understanding the numbers, risks and mitigations of any important move.

Greg GladwellInvest time in planning, bags of energy, tenacity and resilience, a great PA, be confident working with uncertainty and decision making, find 2-3 trusted confidants, listen to frontline staff and clients.

Steve Groves Humour – the variety of the job is great but sometimes you need to see the funny side or you’d go mad/explode!

Karen Beales  Work closely with your colleagues, listen to what they are saying but build a great culture – you want people who want to work with / for you and the rest will flow much easier!

Mike Srokowski Be aware of the main objective – try to stay focussed on achieving it and do my best to avoid succumbing to distractions.

4) Which business leader do you admire and why?  

Andy Fairchild Jobs because he trusted his customer-led instinct and not market research.

Andrew BennettJon Dye at Allianz, always with his people, always asking the difficult questions in a supportive manner.dye jobes sugar

Greg Gladwell Any entrepreneur who has taken a start-up past £1m turnover and sustained it.

Steve Groves I don’t admire business leaders as a rule, I admire charity workers, healthcare

professionals and people giving up their lives to help others.

Karen Beales No single person, different people for different reasons. There are some great people managers but also some entrepreneurial innovative individuals who inspire us.

Mike Srokowski – Sir Alan Sugar. Living proof that by understanding market drivers and applying a common sense approach, you can succeed in business. 




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