How to Balance Your Workload for Max Productivity

workload v productivity
It’s not in the image of our big dreams that we run the risk of losing our focus and motivation. It’s the drudgery and routine of our daily lives that present the greatest danger to our hopes for achievement. Good time management means that you maximize the daily return on the energy and mental effort you expend.

“All of our dreams can come true—if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney

Ways to maximize your time productivity:

1. Write down in one place all your important goals and priorities. Write down every commitment you make at the time you make it.

2. Stop wasting the first hour of your workday. Having the chat and first cup of coffee, reading the paper and socializing are the three costliest opening exercises that lower productivity.

3. Do one thing at a time—well. It takes time to start and stop work on each activity. Stay with a task until it is completed.

4. Don’t open unimportant mail. More than a fourth of the mail you receive can be tossed or deleted before you open or read it.

5. Handle each piece of paper only once and never more than twice. Don’t set aside anything without taking action. Carry work, reading material, audiotapes and your laptop computer with you everywhere you go. Convert down time into uplink time.

6. Spend 20 minutes at the beginning of each week and 10 minutes at the beginning of each day planning your to-do list.

7. Set aside personal relaxation time during the day. Don’t work during lunch. It’s neither noble nor nutritional to skip important energy input and stress-relieving time. Throughout the day, ask yourself, What’s the best use of my time right now? As the day grows short, focus on projects you can least afford to leave undone.

8. Take vacations often, mini-vacations of two or three days, and leave your work at home. The harder you work, the more you need to balance your exercise and leisure time.


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