The whole notion of being accountable to somebody isn’t new.  

As humans we’re forever condemned to our comfort zones.  

It’s that warm cosy place where mediocrity lives.

But venturing out into the cold tundra that is the risk-taking-unknown without our Canada Goose Jackets is where we’ll see the most progress in life.

And having someone to handshelp guide us – having someone who we’re accountable to – gives us that daily push to give more and to really help us towards our goals.

Because as humans – even though we’re supposed to be self-motivated – we’re a natural co-operative being that doesn’t like letting other people down.

That’s what’s hard-wired into our system as people – lone wolf or not.

In the 90s, Michael Jordan used accountability to prepare himself physically to carry the Chicago Bulls to double 3-peat NBA Championships.

Each morning around 6am he would get up and meet Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant (or Ron Harper the 2nd time around) and they would head to the gym and lift weights for 2 hours.  

After that they would go eat breakfast together.  This was done BEFORE their regular practices.

They called themselves “The Breakfast Club

They did this every day of the regular season for 3 years without fail.  



Accountability to each other.  

6 Championships.  

Would MJ have been able to get up and lift weights every morning by himself?  

But getting his 2 best team mates and friends involved solidified the chemistry needed to achieve their ultimate goal – his ultimate goal – winning an NBA Championship.

Having the accountability to each other is arguably what made that happen.

So who are you accountable to in your life?

Who’s there holding you responsible for your actions (or lack of actions) towards your goals?

Find that person or people and set something up – goals, action steps and consequences – and I guarantee that you’ll accelerate your path to success.

Reproduced with Kind permission from Robin Sharma

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