Are you the master of your career?

Are you the master of your career?

 pirates of the carieban quote




Having recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrows hilarious attempt at being Captain of the Black Pearl. It made me think about my role as a recruiter and my sails in the vast sea of the insurance industry.

The insurance industry and recruitment is like a constant storm and your ship has to be able to take the high waves and the smooth waters.

This industry is as vast, complex and as deep as the ocean, and we are always finding hidden jems in the sea bed of this industry.



My introduction to the industry

I have built up a vast amount of networks in the insurance industry and  most people all say the same, no one wakes up and goes “my dream is to be an underwriter, the insurance industry is for me!” most people fall into this industry. (Apologises to those who have dream insurance job)

When I started I was only shown a little river of the insurance industry and shown how complex it is, and the more I learnt the larger the scale of the waters I was shown. It blew my mind. The insurance industry is so dynamic and is in constant juxtaposition with itself.

The industry is steeped in tradition yet able to take on the globalization of the internet and social media platforms. The motor insurance area has taken this on and done very well with engaging the audience of the modern era, staying with the times. Which completely contradicts the London market of the brokers and underwriters, where the modern man/woman is brought back to the fundamentals of the insurance industry.




Norrington: “No additional shot nor powder, a compass that doesn’t point north, And I half expected it to be made of wood. You are without doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of”

Jack Sparrow: “But you have heard of me.”

It is important in the modern era of social network is to have a positive brand and online presence. This is important to raise your own profile and your company and make you more approachable. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone however, I have found those in the London market are slightly behind the times in the industry when it comes to this.

Like any business it is important to engage the audience and customer experience is essential. Using sources such a LinkedIn/twitter/Facebook Provide very useful tools in engagement for business and engaging customers or clients.

Through this it is essential to understand what brand and what influence you want out there in the market. Like your career, what do you want? Are you in the right position? For a client- do you have the right crew manning your ship? Right customers and exposure in the waters? Right attitude behind your sails pushing you in the right direction?



Elizabeth Swann: “Why doesn’t your compass work?” 
Jack Sparrow: …”My compass works fine.”

When I am dealing with candidates this is one of the main question that I ask. What direction do you want to go in? Do you know what you want? What are you looking for?

Sometimes in life you have to go in the wrong direction to find the right direction. It is all to do with your attitude is how you bounce back after that wrong turn.

The fear of change prevents people moving forward sometimes pushing yourself out of your boundaries and makes you take life by the helm and steer yourself back on course.

In life it is always important to laugh, laugh at yourself or watch something that makes you laugh as that makes the challenges of your day easier.

So look at yourself and your career? Are you where you want to be? Do you have a plan on how to get there?


Your career? Are you in need for Top Talent?

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At Right International, we have over 20 years’ worth of experience in Headhunting Top Talent. More recently being experts in the Insurance Sector.  We value our stand in the market with our contacts with a thorough and personal approach both to client and candidate.

Looking for a move/ career progression?

Please contact us on with a CV and your additional details. Or call us on 01932-837798 one of our dedicated recruitment team with liaise with you.

Are you looking to hire Top Talent?


Please call our land-line on (01932-837798) and speak to our Managing Director – Gary Pike.

Or look at our testimonials page on which shows what others think of us and our approach to executive search.



Abigail Pike – Executive Search/Social Media Consultant






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