Top Interview Tips!

As a recruiter, I have had vast amounts of experience training candidates in preparing for interviews. Like any new obstacle that stands in your way, you approach them with initial fear of the unknown, the nerves and the mixture of excitement all rolled up into one.
I have some Top Tips below for Interview Preparation!

  • Check you have read the job advertisement and description if sent before your interview.
  • Make sure you do your background research on the company ( Culture/Individuals/clients/competitors)
  • Ensure you have the right requisite skills and experience needed for the role and opportunity.
  • Go in with a positive mental attitude – answering questions in a positive manner.
  • Ensure you know the correct name of your interviewer and job title.Be sure you know the interview procedure; some companies have one-to-one interviews; panel interviews; assessment centres; psychometric testing.
  • Plan your journey – allowing time for delays
  • Know your CV inside out- be prepared to answer questions on it.
  • Wear the correct formal attire for an interview- first impressions are everything!
  • Give a good handshake
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer/interviewees
  • Prepare model answers for any tricky questions you believe they may ask you.
  • Unless prompted do not ask what the salary/benefits will be if this is the first interview.
  • Have some great questions to ask up your sleeve for the end of the interview. What is the department business plan for the next 1 or 5 years? What challenges do you foresee and how do you plan to overcome these? What challenges do you envisage in this role?

Ask the follow up procedure; when you should expect to hear; 2nd or 3rd interviews etc if you are unclear and would like to know.

What to do if you get a second opportunity?
If you feel  you could have answered a question in a better way or failed to get an important achievement across, why not follow up with a letter/email thanking the interviewer for their time and reiterate your suitability for the post.
What to do if you are unsuccessful?
If you are unsuccessful in your interview, it is worth a call to request feedback – whilst they are very busy they might oblige and offer you some valuable tips as to where you could have improved.


    • womanzA neutral coloured suit in navy/dark colour with modest top.
    • If you are wearing a skirt make sure it is the appropriate length.  
    • Simple accessories (No visible piecing’s or tattoos)
    • Conservative make up – natural tones.
    • Minimal perfume
    • Formal shoes – (court heels, or comfortable but smart flats)
    • Tights should be flawless, no ladders etc. Natural colour/conservative colour. Bring a spare pair in case.

Abigail Pike   me


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