Holidays Over – Time to Build Your Team

team builderNow that the holidays are coming to an end, it is a time that many companies are planning for the final quarter of this year and looking towards 2018.

The key to successful growth and profits is to ensure that you have “…The Right People on the Bus, The Wrong People off the Bus and the Right People in the Right Seats”, to quote Jim Collins “From Good to Great”.

With this in mind I would like to present a selection of the “Right People” who might just be what you are looking for on your bus!

Here are a short selection of such candidates that have confidentially asked us to help them in their next career move.

General Manager – Product & Pricing – Leading Technology Company
Experienced at Board level decision making resulting in exceeding aggressive profitable growth expectations with innovative product & pricing solutions for motor & home insurance

Broker Distribution Director – Leading Insurer
P&L, performance management and commercial strategy for commercial book

Commercial Director – Leading Insurance Intermediary
Achieves high performance through commercial strategy, new product development, digital development and the management of external data and retail pricing

Director of Fraud – Leading Insurance Intermediary
Approved person, responsible for all insurance counter-fraud defences, internal and supplier fraud

Operations Director – Leading Insurance Intermediary
Consistent record of exceeding financial targets whilst delivering regulatory compliance

Strategic Claims Manager – Leading Insurance Company
Manage strategy and business improvement recommendations across multiple UK regions

Active Underwriter – Lloyd’s Syndicate
Responsible for syndicate underwriting strategy and performance

For more details on these candidates please contact me.

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How Can Leaders Promote Creativity?


People often talk about “thinking outside the box” or “the need for innovation.” In some cases this can be achieved by a group that is allowed to think for themselves, in other instances an individual can come up with an idea everyone else didn’t think of. Whatever the way you get to a creative solution it is important for leaders to know how to encourage creativity.

Be supportive

One of the problems with encouraging a different mindset is that it can be at odds with the business environment. This is not simply a case of adding a pool table or some nice ferns- it is more about the mindset and finding ways to use it effectively.

For example let’s say that you are looking to sell ice cream. It is a particularly cold summer with a lot of rain. A creative person may look at this and think “We could focus on selling to places that are not dependent on the weather, such as theatre and cinemas.”

Encourage a team approach

Some people in a team can feel threatened by creative individuals. It may be that their ideas at odds with how they do things or in some cases it may be a clash of personality.

The trick with this is to encourage a team approach early on. When you first meet the group ice breakers can help people get to know each other. Improvisation can be a great tool with this as well as the exercises can be fun but can also allow people to ease back on the logical side of the mind and instead adopt a more free-flowing approach to ideas.

Keep them stimulated

It can be difficult to keep someone with a more imaginative approach occupied. This is not to go with the “tortured artist” cliché but often they may find it harder to do certain types of work and this may mean they find it harder to stay focused. This is why it is important to consider what roles people play and whether they are suited to the particular tasks you give them.

Equally this can work the other way as well- someone who is very organised may not necessarily be confident over the phone so would be better suited to an admin role rather than a sales role. This doesn’t mean anyone is right or wrong and ultimately it is about finding the most appropriate roles for the individuals in your team.

Let people learn from their mistakes

This is arguably one of the more difficult aspects because as you are expecting people to fail. In an exercise you should look at what happens when a task goes wrong and offer feedback- it is about getting people to use their skills and adapt.

A constant process

Of course feedback can work the other way as well- a creative person may have noticed a way to make your work process more efficient but may find it intimidating (again it is a cliché but some creative people can also be very introverted).

Using anonymous feedback forms, surveys and suggestion boxes can be just a few of the ways to encourage a dialogue. In short if you can create the right team ethos and environment you can help creative individuals flourish.

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Insurance Interim’s – Immediate Impact!

rising scaleAre you looking for additional help or support with a particular project or assignment?

We’re representing a number of experienced candidates IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE for Interim/contract opportunities:

Interim candidates immediately available include:

CFO – Private Equity and PLC
Track record of driving profitable growth, profit improvements and deal execution.

Motor Claims Operations Director /Supply ChainLeading Insurer and Network Supplier

Marketing/Product DevelopmentLeading Personal Lines Broker
Market strategies and using data and insight to deliver innovative and considered propositions that deliver growth and demonstrate customer value.

COO – Commercial Broker
Transformational change, sales force upgrade, business optimisation, best practice process review, operations; future state operating model design.

Online Trading ManagerLeading Broker
Experience of creating new innovative strategic alliances to expand online distribution and product reach.

Director of FraudLeading Insurance Intermediary
FCA CF1 & CF11 approved person, responsible for all insurance counter-fraud defences, internal and supplier fraud

Operations DirectorLloyd’s Market
Compliance, risk, change leadership, service and process improvement, increasing effectiveness, productivity, cost reduction.

For more details on these or other Interim candidates please contact me.

Alternatively please tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll guarantee a shortlist of the best candidates in the market within 20 working days.

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Gary Pike
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Right International Headhunters
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Know Your Team

TeamIf you are the leader of a team then people are going to come to you. They will expect you to make decisions on their behalf and the chances are they will come to you if they have any problems. In order to get the most from your team it is important to know who they are.

Ask around

The chances are if you are new to a business then you are working with people who have worked with your team members before. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask- who are the people who are the most self-confident and who needs a bit of cajoling? Who works best on their own and who works best in a team? This may sound obvious but if you know this in advance it becomes easier to assign people in roles that are best suited to them.

Get to know people

There are various ways to break the ice- one of the simplest is to post a survey and get people to talk about their family, interests, career goals etc. Then when you have the first meeting you can talk to the team and help them get to know each other a bit better as well!

Team building exercises can help as well but sometimes the simplest methods can work best- a post-work meal or a trip out after achieving a big target can make a big difference.

One-on-one time

While the team is important one-on-one time can work well. You can get to know someone on a deeper level and find out what their personal goals are and what they want to achieve. If you can find out what drives them it then becomes a lot easier to motivate them.

Talk informally

The danger is that you can do all of this work when you first get to know the team and then keep your distance. While an element of that is important (you are still ultimately their boss rather than their friend) your communication should not be solely restricted to official statements, reviews etc.

Being able to discuss things informally (either one on one or smaller groups, not everyone at the same time) makes it easier to know more about them. This can also help if you need to learn about things that could potentially affect their work (illness, stress, losing a loved one etc) and can adjust your plans accordingly.

Don’t be intrusive

As with anything in life there is also a balance- do talk with them too much as it could make them feel uncomfortable. If it seems that someone doesn’t want to talk or feels a bit awkward it is alright to move on or postpone a talk for a later point.


Finally, as well as working together it is also worth discussing things after a project has been completed or at the end of a busy sales period. This is a good chance for the team to give you feedback as well so you can adjust your leadership approach as well.

In short getting to know your team and who works best will allow you to get the most from them but equally working with them can help you improve your skills along the way as well!

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Top 10 Interview Tips



Having personally interviewed and hired numerous people for my own business, as well as working with my team preparing candidates and clients for interviews, I wanted to share my top 10 tips for success with you.


1. Be on time and anticipate travel problems.

This sounds really obvious but if you arrive late it sends out the wrong message and can put you into panic mode, affecting your performance.


2. First impressions do count!

Be sure to look smart but do not overdress. My mum always said clean your shoes and smile!


3. Do you have a role profile?

It is essential that you are clear and understand the key responsibilities of the role you are interviewing for.


4. Be prepared – research research research!

When interviewing individuals for my own business or when prepping a candidate before meeting with a client, I expect (and so do clients) that you have done your homework. E.g. What new products have they launched? What is the background of the person you are meeting with? What do you have in common? *Key factor, be careful not to over ‘name drop’.


5. LinkedIn! Do you have mutual connections?

Could you confidentially reach out to a contact to gain any further insight on the company or the person you are meeting with?


6. Where can you add value?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person interviewing you, what can you do for them and the business they work for? Give clear examples that back up your statements. * Key factor, be precise DO NOT waffle.


7. Based on your knowledge of the role and company, anticipate the questions you are likely to be asked.

Make sure you work through clear logical answers to those questions. E.g. if the role requires travel/relocation, be clear on how you would approach this subject.


8. What more do you want to learn about the opportunity?

Have a number of key questions you want to ask, show you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested (if you are!)


9. I personally like “If I was hired and 12 months down the line you said I had done a great job, what would you expect me to have achieved?”

I like this questions as it gives clarity on expectations and shows the hiring authority is clear on what they are looking for. It also allows you to consider if it is something you are capable of doing and gain clarity on what some of the challenges will be.


10. Money!

If the subject of money arises, I would always suggest sharing your current/last role base salary/package but do not get drawn into a discussion around expectations on a first meeting, unless there is a real disparity between what the client is prepared to pay and your current package. If this is the case, it would be worth having the discussion early on in the process. If working with a recruiter, they should manage this process for you.


I hope you found this helpful. Please let me know any of your top tips.

Gary Pike

Founder & MD

Right International Insurance Headhunters

Everyone Lives By Selling Something

handshake There are a lot of people out there that don’t think they are sales people. However, in reality the skills needed in order to sell something are skills that we use every day. Essentially everyone lives by selling something all the time even if they are not necessarily aware of it.

When you go out on a date do you just turn up and hope for the best? Some people might but generally speaking if someone really wants a date to go well they smarten themselves up, maintain eye contact and do their best to present themselves in a positive way.

Likewise, if you go for a job interview at one of the best venture capital executive search firms the best candidates tend to research the company- they look into the executive recruitment company who is interviewing them, learn the language of the company and do their best to reflect what they feel are the positive attributes that their potential employer sees in themselves.

There is an old saying that “people buy from people”. You don’t necessarily need the smartest suit or the firmest handshake (and indeed that can put some people off!)

Let’s say for example that you run a café. This can be difficult because there are a lot of cafes out there. What you need to do is find out what makes yours stand out.

You have to let people know about it- your promotion should reflect this, showing people that you believe in what you are selling.

It is important to emphasis that there is a difference between self-confidence and arrogance. A self-confident person puts people at their ease whereas an arrogant person wants to dominate.

To go back to the example of the café you want to stand out. However, in your promotion you talk about how terrible chain restaurants are and how you are better for being independent or how your coffee is much better than everyone else’s.

As any sales and marketing recruitment agencies would tell you it is more effective to focus on the positives and to encourage people to be a part of what you have to offer then to infer that you feel they need to be educated that you are superior to them.

Just to be clear being positive doesn’t mean you will always get what you want- learning to deal with rejection and learning from mistakes is equally a part of maintaining self-confidence.

Ultimately whether you are looking to get a raise, a promotion, want someone to take a flyer in the street or sell a product you are selling something and often that thing will be you.

As stated before it may be a cliché but it is a cliché for a reason- people really do buy from people. Your body language, the way you communicate and how you do it will affect whether or not you achieve a positive outcome.

In short learn to be your own cheerleader, your own PR and your own manager. Spread the positive words and keep pushing.

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Perks: How Do You Make Your Business More Attractive?


When it comes to retaining employees, there are various things you can do in order to stand out from other companies in your field. With the right approach, it is possible to make your working environment a more attractive place to work and somewhere people will want to stay.

Work on feedback

A lot of companies have suggestion boxes and say “We value feedback.” However, it is a lot better to show you value that feedback- if employees make valid suggestions to make the working environment better then act on it (also helps if you let people know that you do it too).

Fit people’s lifestyles

Do you have employees cycle in to work? Then you might want to consider installing a shower so that they can clean themselves up before they come in to work. Some companies also offer perks like gym passes or other discounts in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle (plus they are less likely to call in sick if they are healthier).

Increasingly mental health is becoming more of an issue in the workplace- having a policy in place can make it easier for people to cope and in the long term will result in a better working environment as anyone with any mental health issues is better equipped to deal with potential work stress.

Be more flexible

Flexibility should not just be about working hours- for example someone might be studying English in between working for you. Being allowed to leave a little earlier to get to their class not only benefits them but will mean you get more benefit from it in the long term as well.

Be a team

Yes, a dress down Friday can be a bit more relaxed. However, having social outings as a group outside of formal events and special occasions can be valuable as well, helping everyone to bond in a positive way.

Make sure people get the help they need

New employees, temps and people returning to the workplace can find it intimidating. Showing people that you are prepared to give them that bit of extra attention after the initial training can help them get through it.

It’s important to remember that some people learn at a different pace and may need more guidance than others- showing that you are prepared to guide people when they need it will often reflect well.


Charity events and promotion can be a great way to show you care about more about just the business and can bring in people you may not expect- for example working with schools may help you find potential future employees who remember you in the future.

Also with your own business a simple thank you or a nice gesture (pizza on a Friday, a special prize for hitting a sales target) can mean people feel that you appreciate what they do for you.

It is fair to say you want people to work and a workplace can’t always be fun and you may not be able to accommodate everyone. That being said with people spending a third of their lives in work they are more likely to stick with you if you can make it as comfortable as possible

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What Wonder Woman Can Teach Us About Business

wonder woman blog

Wonder Woman has proven to be a big hit at the box office and is now on course to be the highest grossing film by a female director and the highest grossing DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film. On top of this it also scored well with critics, something DC films have struggled with.

It may seem strange whether you work for one of the best sales and marketing recruitment agencies or you work involves a consumer goods executive search you could potentially learn from Wonder Woman!

Don’t underestimate your brand or your audience

In the weeks leading up to the release of Wonder Woman there were fears it would open below expectations. This led to fans rallying round on social media, pushing hard to make sure the studio properly promoted it as they felt that the studio was not advertising as widely as they could do.

As Warner Brothers realised that people cared for it they responded and pushed further, reaping the rewards of increased audience goodwill.

This is why it is worth seeking feedback and interacting with customers as their ideas could prove vital inspiration. Building on this and improving a service will make you appear more attractive to potential employees in the long term.

Learn from past mistakes

Previous DCEU films were criticised in reviews for a dour look and a feeling that they lacked a sense of humour. By contrast Wonder Woman received praise for a more distinct look and jokes that for the most part came from character action and felt real rather than feeling shoe-horned in.

There are plenty of stories in business where people have to pick themselves up from a failure. In the case of Marvel Comics, they were on the verge of bankruptcy whereas now they are part of Disney and grossing enormous amounts at the box office.

With your business, it is important to look at what you could do better and respond to the feedback you get as this will help you make your business more efficient. You won’t be able to address every complaint that people have but the more you can address the better it will be for you and your customers in the long term.

Be a better role model

Another criticism of DC superhero films is the feeling that the tone was a bit too dark whereas Wonder Woman represented a more positive approach to fighting evil and the message seemed stronger as a result.

For example, if someone looks up “executive search renewable energy sectors” online then your company should be able to demonstrate that you have a real commitment to renewable energy and can show how you are committed to caring for the environment as this will mean you are more likely to recruit the best people.

In short both the film and the character itself should serve as an inspiration to help you get more from your company. For more information on how we can help find your executive search specialist heroes contact us today.

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The 6 Emotional Enemies Inside Your Mind

6 emotions

What can destroy our ambitions, our fortunes, our relationships—our lives? The enemies lurking inside us, the ones we face from within, the ones we’ve got to destroy before they destroy us. There are six we must conquer:

1. Fear
We are not born with courage, but neither are we born with fear. Maybe some of our fears are brought on by our own experiences, by what someone has told us, by what we’ve read and heard about. Some fears are valid, like walking alone in a bad part of town at 2 o’clock in the morning. But once we learn to avoid that situation, we won’t need to live in fear of it.

2. Indifference
What a tragic disease indifference is. Some will say, “Ho-hum, let it slide. I’ll just drift along.” But here’s one problem with drifting: We can’t drift our way to the top of the mountain.

3. Indecision
Indecision is the thief of opportunity and enterprise. It will steal our chances for a better future. We have to take a sword to this enemy.

4. Doubt
Sure, there’s room for healthy skepticism. We can’t believe everything. But we also can’t let doubt take over. Many of us doubt the past, doubt the future, doubt each other, doubt the government, doubt the possibilities and doubt the opportunities. Worst of all, we doubt ourselves. Doubt will destroy our lives and our chances of success. It will empty both our bank accounts and our hearts. Doubt is an enemy. Go after it. Get rid of it.

5. Worry
We’ve all got to worry some—but we can’t let it conquer us. Instead, let it alarm us. Worry can be useful. If we step off the curb in New York City and a taxi is coming, we’ve got to worry. But we can’t let worry loose like a mad dog that drives us into a small corner. Here’s what we’ve got to do with our worries: Drive them into a small corner. Whatever is out to get us, we’ve got to get it. Whatever is pushing on us, we’ve got to push back.

6. Timidity
Over-caution is the timid approach to life. Timidity is not a virtue (unlike humility); in fact, it can be an illness. If we let it go, it’ll conquer us. If we’re timid, we won’t get promoted, we won’t advance and grow and become powerful. We’ve got to avoid over-caution.

So, we must battle with the enemy, battle with fears, build our courage to fight what’s holding us back, what’s keeping us from our goals and dreams. We have to be courageous in our lives and in our pursuit of the things we want and the people we want to become.

Reproduced with kind permission from Jim Rohn
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Your Next Career Move

made a decision

Have you been considering a career move, but not quite sure of the best way to put the process in motion?

Here at Right International we have been helping people just like yourself for over 20 years. 

We have helped hundreds of candidates find their dream job or simply point them in the right direction.

One of our current vacancies may be interesting for you. You can view these on our brand new website click here

We also offer a discreet candidate service where we agree on a confidential marketing plan designed with detailed discussions with you in which your name is not released without your prior permission.

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Please check out our website if you have a vacancy that needs filling or need advice on your own career development.
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